Games Weeks | The first community based gaming events in the Middle East

Games Weeks are a series of dedicated community events for passionate gaming fans, focused on core gaming community where we offer the chance for brands, publishers and players to come to develop the event together. Unlike other gaming events our community decides what happens not the publishers and brands. Sounds like this is what should always happen right?!

2016 preregistration opens 1st of March 2016, that will give you FREE access and DISCOUNTS to a lot of activities live and online this year, so to be sure to sign up through our gaming and tournament operator Power League Gaming (PLG). Entertainment, Tournaments, Giveaways, Special Access, VIP Services and Fun Competitions throughout the Games Weeks experience will be announced all the time, so follow the related social media channels to keep up to date. Share your ideas and requests to make this year bigger and better with your input and support.

Our first stop in 2016 will be Jordan Games Week in July.

Image: The Games Weeks Team

Our first edition of these events was Jordan Games Week, and we would like to thank everyone who attended and helped in this 2015 event. The team over at Jordan Games Week will see you very soon as we kick the action in July 2016

Let us know where you want us to go next!

Image: The Games Weeks Team

There is also room for big competitions on some of the greatest titles in the world. We have partners with expertise and relationships to make eSports a key part of the events. Prizes need to be big, setups need to be impressive and the whole operation needs to run smooth. It is no simple task to cater to thousands of players in a competitive environment, and PLG is our main partner on that front, bringing an array of leagues and tournaments including the Fanta Gaming Masters program.

Of course if you wish to partner, invest, sponsor, host, volunteer, promote, exhibit or have more crazy ideas then please contact We are always delighted to hear from all the gaming fans both big and small, whether you are in Beirut, Dubai, Riyadh, Amman or Cairo and anywhere else across the world.

A series of community based gaming event catered to the Middle East.

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